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Minion Pregnancy - Game For Girls


This adorable minion lady here is about to give birth to her baby minion. Shes only a few minutes away of meeting her bundle of joy but not before her doctor runs a last check-up to make sure she and her unborn baby are perfectly healthy. Ready to take a closer look? Feel free to join her in getting the Minion Pregnancy game for girls started and, first of all, take the mommys body temperature and blood pressure in order to make sure her health condition is right for giving birth. Next give her bananas and hot milk to strengthen her forces. Make sure to also run an echo test to check up on the baby and once his out prepare him to meet his mommy. Take the baby minion to the bathroom and give him a warm bubble bath with a delicate shampoo and soap. Now what should this tiny minion wear for his mommy? A funky superhero costume or some comfy onesies and a pair of booties to match? Thats something youll have to decide on the next page of the game! Have a blast playing the Minion Pregnancy game for girls!


Play Minion Pregnancy with your mouse.

Minion Pregnancy Walkthrough: