Katy Perry Halloween - Game For Girls

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Katy Perry is a singer who is very well known for her fashionable sense of style. She is the one setting trends, not following them and she is always daring, so people are naturally asking what is she going to wear for Halloween. Maybe you could help her get ready and not disappoint. Start with her hair and decide if you want a simple look, one full of volume or a punk one. Use a mascara that will help her lashes look very long or even false lashes are amazing for Halloween. She can even wear some cool contact lenses and you cannot exclude red and yellow. She can wear vampire fangs and use a bright colored lipstick and now it is the time when she can actually pull of blue or purple. Then choose a very elaborate eye shadow or paint her entire face. Have a lot of fun!


Play Katy Perry Halloween with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone

Katy Perry Halloween Walkthrough: