Sofia The First Bicycle Repair - Game For Girls

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Sofia The First has a bicycle, but because it is her very first one, she manager to fall into a pond and break it. Help her clean it up and fix it. First you will have to wash it with a special soap and water. Use a brush for the stains that are more difficult to remove. There are some spider webs that you will have to get rid of as well. Throw away in the trash the broken chair, chain, the front wheel and the petals and replace them with new ones. Take care of the scratches and make sure all the screws are tight. Safety first! Spray paint the bike to make it look as good as new, put on a new comfy chair and finally polish it until it sparkles. In the end you can have some fun decorating it. Choose new colors for the bike, the chair and the wheels. Have a great time playing this exciting game!


Play Sofia The First Bicycle Repair with your mouse.

Sofia The First Bicycle Repair Walkthrough: