Masha Cooking Tortilla Pizza - Game For Girls

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Masha loves pizza as much as the next kid, but she is no regular girl. She loves pizza and she is ready to make it tonight. You know she always gets in trouble, so maybe you could help her out so that everything goes smoothly. First you will have to take her shopping for all the necessary ingredients. Of course, she is a bit young to make the dough for scratch, so just use a tortilla wrap instead. Place it on a wooden board and spread some marinara sauce on top. Tomatoes go well with garlic, so add some pesto as well. Cover the entire pizza with grated cheese and then add the rest of the toppings: peppers, tomatoes, salami and olives. Spice with salt and pepper and finish with oregano. Put it in a tray and bake it. The pizza is ready and Masha is very happy. Have an amazing time!


Play Masha Cooking Tortilla Pizza with your mouse.

Masha Cooking Tortilla Pizza Walkthrough: