Masha And Bear Kitchen Mischief - Game For Girls

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Masha and Bear are always getting themselves in some kind of trouble. Well, usually is Masha the one that causes mischief. Today Bear wants to make some strawberry jam. He has already set the strawberries to boil with sugar and now he is turning his back from the pot to prepare the jars and other ingredients. It is the perfect opportunity for Masha to meddle. Use your mouse to click and Masha will add her own secret ingredients to the mix. They are kind of dangerous, so make sure Bear doesn't see her. You will have to complete the recipe by filling up the bar in the upper part of the screen before the time runs out. You will also be given some power ups to help you. The levels will become more challenging as you progress in the game, so stay focused! Have a great time!


Play Masha And Bear Kitchen Mischief with your mouse.

Masha And Bear Kitchen Mischief Walkthrough: