Good Luck Charlie: Vacation Vehicles - Game For Girls

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The Duncan family have a lot of members, so, when they usually decide to go somewhere, whether it's the store, or a vacation, it can get pretty chaotic. Well, Christmas came upon California, where the Duncan's live, and the family wanted to go on a short vacation, in Palm Springs, to the grandparents house. Sounds pretty good right? But just when you think nothing can go wrong, Teddy and her mom got off the plane, because of a crazy idea Teddy had, and now the plane just flew without them. The question is, how are they going to get to Palm Springs, just in time for Christmas dinner? Well, Teddy had another great idea, and they will travel by car. In this game, you will have to help Teddy drive several types of cars, avoid the obstacles she will find on her way, collect the bonus items, and, more importantly, you must not let your speedometer fall below 10. We know it's a hard task, but we also know that you kids are the only ones who can help them get to their destination, in time. Enjoy!


Play Good Luck Charlie: Vacation Vehicles with your arrow keys.

Good Luck Charlie: Vacation Vehicles Walkthrough: